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Men's Health and Wellness

Men's Health USA's Medical Center is designed to help men feel young and energetic again. We offer cutting edge programs, the latest treatments, and tailor-made programs to help you achieve your optimal "YOU".

Special Men's Programs

Men's Sexual Health

Whether in the "Boardroom" or the "Bedroom" our ability to perform is crucial. Not knowing if you can "do the job" can be as frustrating as knowing that you're not able to. Assessment of function / ability and correction can have you "back at the races".

Our correction programs can include:

** Focused Acoustic waves

** PRP - "P-Shot"

** Exosomes / Stem Cells

Men's Hormone Therapy

First, you must know what your hormonal levels are!

Get Tested!!!

Tests to check for:

** All Sex Hormones

** Morning Cortisol Levels

** Thyroid

** PSA (Very Important)

Once you know your levels, its time to either supplement levels or stimulate / encourage individual production.

Men's Hair Restoration

Our Program is design to attack the hair loss inside and out through many different modalities. We throw the "kitchen sink" at the problem area if necessary. All modalities / therapies have proven to be effective in curbing hair loss and possible regrowth

Our Program can include the following therapies:

** Cryotherapy

** Red Light Therapy

** Microneedling

** PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

** Medication & Nutrition Therapy

Men's Energy & Weight Loss

Weight loss for men is not as easy as just a workout. Losing fat of the midsection is the primary goal along with ridding the body of "visceral fat" (fat on the organs}.
Our programs can include:

** Medical Weight Loss (Appetite Suppressants)

** Peptide Weight Loss (Ozempic / Wegovy / Semaglutide)

** Body Contouring (CryoBlast/Freezesculpting/Laser Lipo)

Full Line of Men's Supplements

Erectar XL

Maximum Male Enhancement

Androgenix XL

Testosterone Boosting Formula

Prostar XL

Prostate Health & Support

Neurogenix XL

Neuro / Brain Health

& Maintenance

Immunogenix XL

Immunity Boosting Multi-Vitamin


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Lawndale, CA 90260


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