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Everyone loses hair daily. Hair loss involves losing more than 100 hairs a day in thinning or bald patches. The most common type, hereditary male- and female-pattern baldness, affects 80 million Americans. Hair loss often reverses on its own when caused by physical stress such as poor nutrition or a diet with too much vitamin A or iron or not enough protein; weight loss of more than 15 pounds or medical conditions like anorexia; hormonal changes involved with giving birth or menopause; or great emotional stress, such as the death of a loved one. If you are concerned or self-conscious about hair loss, see a dermatologist. When addressed early, most hair loss can be treated or stopped. It’s also important to determine the source of hair loss because it can be the first indication of many diseases.

Basic Formula for recovery, healing, and improvement: A careful examination of the scalp and hair on other parts of the body along with questions about physical health, lifestyle and life events will help diagnose the cause of hair loss. A biopsy of the scalp or hair roots and a blood test might also be done to rule out serious medical conditions. Because there are so many causes for hair loss, a diagnosis may require more than one visit. 

Hair loss can be treated with the following:

Prescribed Medications & Shampoos

Red Light Therapy

Ageless PRP Therapy

Follicle Enriching Nutraceuticals

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