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"As we age, our Testosterone levels, male sex hormone, decreases at a rate of at least 2%/year. By supplying the body with the necessary nutrients to create Testosterone production, your body can initiate Natural, Organic FREE Testosterone production.

The Ingredients contained in Androgenix-XL have been shown to produce higher free testosterone production as well as proper hormone balance and hormone utilization."


Why Prostar-XL®

Prostar-XL® was designed by medical scientists to improve the life of men suffering from prostate issues and testosterone conversion to Estrogen (and other derivatives) from DHT.

** Reduce Prostate Inflammation

** Increase Libido & Sexual Function

** Reduced Frequent Urination

** Increase Urine Flow

** DHT Blocker (Estrogen blocker)

** Science based Formula


Why Erectar-XL®

Erectar-XL® was designed by medical scientists to improve the life of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and lifeless blood flow. Combining natural and herbal preparations, brings about an exceptional bodily response that can give you some of the following benefits:

** Naturally Increases Blood Flow

** Increases Nitric Oxide Production

** Enhances Sexual Arousal

** Increases Firmness & Sensitivity

** Science based Formula

** May increase Size, Length & Girth due to increased blood flow

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Immunogenix-XL is the 1st and last line of defense when it comes to immune boosting supplements. It features Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc, and 10 other natural ingredients including Elderberry & Echinacea to help strengthen the body’s defenses to keep you protected year round with extra immunity support.



Neurogenix-XL is essential for brain health to include memory, focus and attention.

Neurogenix XL can help to:

** Support Cognitive Function

** Support Overall Brain Health

** Promote Enhanced Focus &


** Promote Memory Retention

** Promote Mental Clarity & Alertness

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