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Special Programs

Ageless Wave Procedure - $199

  • Medical Consultation & Evaluation
  • 1 Ageless wave Procedure
  • 4 Doses of Customized Medication
  • for $199 (Regular $500)

Performance Enhancer

(3 pack) - $599

  • Medical Consultation & Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Ultrasounds (Prostate & Testes)
  • 3 Ageless wave Procedure
  • 12 Doses of Customized Medication
  • for $599 (Regular - $1,650.00)

Testosterone Replacement Program - $99/month

  • Medical Consultation & Evaluation
  • Diagnostics - Lab
  • Testosterone Replacement (Injection/Cream)
  • as low as $99/month

*** SPECIAL ***

Ageless PRP

The P-Shot or Priapus Shot

Other Specials include:

Prostate Health

& Support

Men's Fertility

& Potency Therapy

Nutritional Vitamin

IV Therapy

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Men's Health USA

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Men's Health USA is a provider of the most effective program and treatment for men to increase virility, energy and sexual performance. We combine various medical treatments to achieve the long-lasting results you want. Men's Health USA focuses on specific health-related challenges and designed to help men live a longer, happier and healthier life. This includes prostate health and testicular health. We treat all male sexual health issues and incorporate additional health assessments and recommendations to identify undetected risks to improve your overall vitality.


Ageless PRP

Hormone Balancing

Ageless Wave Protocol

IV Nutrition Therapy

Prostate Diagnostic & Support

Vitamins & Nutraceuticals

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