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At Men’s Health USA, we are dedicated to men's health and, in particular, to the treatment of conditions affecting men’s hormonal, sexual and reproductive health. With years of clinical experience in male reproductive and family medicine, our team has treated a wide variety of conditions and performed thousands of services, providing patients with the highest level of quality, leading-edge care. Our providers understand the intimate nature of men's health and sexual difficulties and treat all men with discretion, dignity and respect.

When we need medical advice, mostly we turn to general physicians to fix problems ranging from respiratory infections to orthopedic issues to sexual dysfunction. While that’s usually a good idea and good starting point, men may not have time to first see a general physician just to wait for a referral to a specialist and then have to come back for another visit. Imagine calling a center and talking with a skilled health care provider who can tell you which physician you would see for your given problem. That’s the beauty of a men’s health center. You know that you will be seen by a physician who specializes in whatever ailment you have.

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1.  Confidential Medical Consultation

2.  Comprehensive Medical Evaluation  

3.  Comprehensive Diagnostics

    * Prostate Evaluation w/ Ultrasound

    * Abdominal Ultrasound

    * Kidney, Gall Bladder Ultrasound

    * EKG

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